Instructions and Guide How to Season a Grill?

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Over time, grill grates can corrode or become so sticky that it can be very difficult to remove food from them. You can pry food from a sticky grate and it loses its juices and dries out.

By seasoning grates, contaminants are removed, rust is resistant, and food does not stick to them. You can make your grilling experience easier and more delicious by seasoning your nutrition before and after cooking.

There are countless grills ruined each year by BBQ lovers who neglect this simple yet easy ignore practice.

This article will focus on the importance of How to Season a Grill.


What is Seasoning a Grill?

The process of seasoning a grill involves coating it in oil and heating it before cooking, which is especially useful because it burns off any toxic substances applied during manufacture.

Seasoning a grill: What You Need?

  • Grill brush
  • Oil
  • Oil spray bottle
  • Grill Gloves
  • Paper towel or cloth
  • Freshwater

How to Season a Grill Grate

When cleaning the grates, brush away stuck-on food or other debris. Keep your hands clean by wearing rubber cleaning gloves. If the grates are extremely dirty, wear a pair of work gloves.

Brush the grates with a wire grill brush. Brush both sides of the grates to remove any debris or charred food left from previous use.

Wash and Dry the Grates

After washing the grates, rinse them thoroughly with warm water and mild dishwashing liquid. Give the grates plenty of time to air dry completely or wipe them clean with a soft cloth.

  • By removing the protective coating applied during manufacture, you can remove any residue left behind on your grill.
  • This will remove any remaining charred food remnants from older grills.

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Coating the Grates with Oil

Three types of oils are most common for coating grill grates: peanut oil, vegetable oil, and canola oil.

Cooking oil should be applied to all sides of the grill. Applying the oil to the grates, clean clothes, paper towels, or soft paintbrushes can be used. Always use a clean, empty spray bottle to spray the oil onto the grates after filling the container with oil.

Turn the Grill On

Put the grill on high heat for about 30 minutes so the oil cooks. As the oil and smoke work their magic, the grates will darken. Gradually, the grill grates will turn darker as they’re seasoned, enhancing their signature flavor.

What is the best oil to season a grill?

  • Canola oil
  • Peanut oil
  • Corn oil
  • Almond oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Safflower oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Olive oil, refined
  • Sesame oil

Should I season a stainless steel grill?

Each type of grill must be seasoned as well as stainless steel grills.

How long do you need to burn off a new grill?

In an ideal situation, you shouldn’t just burn off the grill for 40 minutes; you should burn it off for at least an hour and a half.

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